Monday, 8 February 2016

Soothe Winter Hands


Hi Fragrant Earth fans! I hope you are all having a magical winter. But, if like me, you suffer from dry hands in the colder months, you need one of our nourishing, natural hand creams.
The reason for cracked, peeling and extremely dry hands is lack of moisture. During winter, the humidity drops outside, and inside our homes, it is even dryer, thanks to central heating. Frequent handwashing to avoid colds and flu can make things even worse, washing away the skin’s natural oils. Simply drinking extra water won’t fix the problem. Hand cream must be applied directly to the skin to prevent moisture from evaporating. If you moisturise regularly, you can prevent dryness before it starts.
If you love lavender, why not try our Somerset Lavender Hand Cream

Lavender has a super relaxing scent, and can treat many skin problems. It is a natural, healing essential oil, and will soothe and repair your dry hands. It comes in a handy handbag size, so you can heal chapped hands on the go.
We also have a hand cream which comes from Argan & Goats, our most popular line. It is made of goats’ milk, and Moroccan Argan oil. Goats’ milk is full of super moisturising fatty acids which have a unique PH, similar to our own, making them easily absorbed by the skin. It also contains skin minerals like Selenium, lactic acid (which hydrates and brightens), and Vitamin A which is the most important vitamin for skin. Argan oil is a precious beauty oil, used from ancient times to give beautiful, healthy skin and hair.

 It is rich in Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. It is also packed with antioxidants, and omega 6 fatty acids. It absorbs easily, and does not leave a greasy residue. Our Argan & Goats Hand Cream  will work wonders for dry and damaged hands. It will nourish and increase the elasticity of your skin, and reduce aging. The eco-friendly, yet beautiful and sophisticated gold blocked cartons will add a touch of glamour to your life!
Finally, for all the guys out there, we have our amazing For Him Hand Cream.  It is 20% Shea butter, and intensely moisturising, regenerating and soothing for irritated hands. Shea butter is a skin miracle worker thanks to the vitamins A, E, and F, and the fatty acids that are found in it. It heals dry skin and protects the natural oils found in the hands.

You will find these three wonderful hand healing creams, as well as many other hand creams and moisturisers in store, and online.
So why not pick up one today, and banish dry winter hands?
I’ll post more updates soon. In the meantime, happy shopping!
From Annabelle

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