Monday, 8 February 2016

Ancient Egyptian Beauty

"Isis" by local creator of sacred art, Nic Phillips

Happy Monday Fragrant Earth Fans! Today, I've been thinking about Ancient Egypt.

In Ancient Egypt, fragrance was a way of life. Did you Know, the Ka, (the second body that survived death) was nourished with fragrance? The first thieves to break into tombs stole perfume, not gold! Or that Ancient Egyptians went to a perfume shop the way that we meet friends for a coffee? Nefertum, son of Ptah and Sekhmet, was the God of Perfume and Incense. 

"Bastet" by local visionary artist,  Laura Daligan.

 The scared Blue Lotus was His symbol. Blue Lotus is a natural aphrodisiac, a general remedy for illness, an anti-aging treatment, a cure for headaches, a memory enhancer, and a mood-booster. Why not contact Aeon Love Boutique and ask about buying some of her Blue Lotus tincture? It gives you a warm feeling of well being, and comes in a bottle decorated with beautiful artwork. Or, if you would rather bring the beautiful smell of the lotus into your life, try Osciem Fine Fragrance of Flowers. It has middle notes of White Lotus, and smells divine. 

      Ancient Egyptian women used to mix milk and honey to make a moisturising facial mask that hydrated their skin, and smelled sweet. You can do the same today with our gorgeous Honey Face Mask. It repairs and cleanses your skin, leaving it radiant. 

 If your hair or skin is dry, why not try some Egyptian Magic? This Ancient Egyptian magical cream is a multi-tasking beauty miracle that is allegedly loved by celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Madonna. It can be used to heal eczma and dry skin, blemishes, chapped lips, insect bites, dry hair, sunburn, stretch marks, and signs of aging. It melts into skin, leaving it soft and smooth. 
The Ancient Egyptians also loved bath salts. They are naturally healing, and replenish the minerals that skin looses throughout the day. If you have skin problems, acne, recurrent infections, insect bites, female problems, arthritis, rheumatism, or just want a cleansing and health building bath experience, look no further than our Bath Salts.

They are healthy and natural, and contain healing minerals from deep underground. They also contain fruit, petals and herbs, which add to the relaxing pleasure of the bath, and can sometimes offer additional healing benefits. Our bath salts come from the oldest salt mine in Europe, Wieliczka in Poland. The traces of the first plant in which salt was manufactured there dates to the Middle Neolithic period (3,500 BC). The salt mine has been operating since Mediaeval times, and there is a world renounced treatment centre for lung conditions there. The vapor released by salty water is healing for respiratory conditions.
 Cleopatra was famous for taking milk baths. The lactic acid exfoliated and rejuvenated her skin.  If you want to try an  Ancient Egyptian bath at home, check out our Bee and Honey Bath Milk which contains Mineral salts, cow and goat Milk and proteins, and beahive treasures Propolis and Pollen to soften and cleanse your skin, and leave you smelling sweet.  

Finally, take a trip down the Mystic Nile  from the comfort of your bathroom with our amazing soap, which contains aqua notes, and smells wonderful

 Have a magical beautiful time! From Annabelle

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