Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Style Aroma

Are you looking for an easy way to bring the power of aromatherapy into your life? Then look no further than  Style Aroma: For Work, Play, Travel, Romance and Study!
They come in handy spray bottles for your pocket or bag, and can be used on the go, at home, or work. Apply to pulse points, back of neck, base of the spine and feet and take a deep breath. The special formulas will get to work and achieve what it says on the pack! Some formulas also come as  a massage oil, which will give a long lasting effect. 
Our Style Aroma has been used by first class travelers, the England football team, Somerset Cricketers, and the Japanese Army and rescue workers in the recent Fukushima Tsunami and nuclear disaster to help cope with stress.  
These little bottles contain powerful, therapeutic, totally natural essential oils for when you need a helping hand.  

 Our Muscle Sports and Dance Spritz/Massage offers instant relief for those aches and pains you sometimes get after dancing or working out. Apply  to the base of the spine, soles of the feet, or any other aching areas, and be refreshed by the relaxing scent.  Here is Claire Salem of Scarlet Lotus Dance 
talking about our Muscle Sports and Dance Spritz. 


The Mood Mist/Massage banishes negative emotions, and leaves you feeling calm and content. 

Our Relax Mist is inner peace in a bottle, and can help to relive the stress of life and work. 

Can't sleep? Traveling? Spray our Sleep Drift on your pillows and pulse points, and enjoy a relaxed night of sleep, at home or away. 

If you are experiencing the nightmare of being hot and uncomfortable on a hot day, or traveling in a hot plane or train car or bus, or going through the  menopause, then you need our Cool Cooler Gel. Roll it on your forehead, temples and wrists to experience immediate cooling and invigorating refreshment. 

And on the subject of cooling, we also have the Pocket Popper Cuties, a handy pack of sprays to keep you fresh, and soothe your feet and face on long, tiring journeys. 

Have you seen our themed heritage space aromas? Scent your body and space with fragrances inspired by famous houses, palaces and places. 

Our Hampton Court Space Aroma is a scent of warm and quiet tradition. 

Our Kensington Space Aroma is the fragrance of the intricate and reminiscent of colour, and light fading into the tranquility of lotus and cream.

Our Glastonbury O is deoderising, traditional and smells of beauty and finesse. 

We also sell kits that contain several Style Aroma items. They make great gifts, or an easy way to treat yourself and begin your Style Aroma collection. 

For the dancer/sportsman/woman we have the Muscle Manager Kit. 

For those who need cheering up, we have the Mood Boost Kit. 

And finally, we have the Life Line Kit, which contains everything you need to get through your day the Fragrant way! 

So, why not pop into Fragrant Earth, or visit our website and check out Style Aroma today?

Style Aroma: bringing the energy of sunshine, flowers and herbs to practical use and effect!


Friday, 1 April 2016


Here at Fragrant Earth,  we try to use Organic ingredients in our products as much as we can. 
This is because your skin is your largest organ, and you need to take care of it by avoiding the cocktail of nasty substances found in some skincare products. 

Another important reason to choose Organic is that Organic farmers use less pesticides, protect wildlife, and avoid GM crops. 
We have to show our Fragrant Earth some love! Right now, crops are being covered in nicotine-based insecticides that spread across our countryside, poisoning soil, water, butterflies and bees, hedgerows and wildflowers! Imagine a world with no beautiful wildflowers, or butterflies, and no bees to pollinate our crops! It would be very sad, but also deadly for us, because no bees means no food!  

And what about the soil itself? 
95% of all our food comes from the soil- we need healthy soil to grow food! Our soil is precious, and we need to protect it by banning these poisonous Neonicotinoids! Billions of tons of soil are lost every year, and healthy soil does not just grow back. In fact, it takes 1,000 years to form 1cm of top soil. Soil is essential to all life on Earth. The worms that keep it healthy are also being poisoned, and have declined by 45% over the last 35 years. 

A lot of pesticides are made by Monsanto, who have been described as the 'world's most evil corporation.' and are intent on harming people and the planet. 

Protecting our wildlife means buying Organic when possible, and donating to the Soil Association.
They protect the soil and wildlife, and are trying to get pesticides banned, and encourage Organic farming. 
When you shop at Fragrant Earth, you know that our skincare products are as natural and Organic as they can be, because we work in harmony with the Earth, and we love nature.

Info taken from Soil Association 'Living Earth' Spring 2016.

Beauty Soap

Soap is a beauty dirty word. We are told not to use it, as it will dry out our skin! Soap is seen as old fashioned and bad for us, and lots of people use shower gels and facial washes instead.

But here at Fragrant Earth, we want to re-invent the idea of beauty soaps.

Our soaps are natural, and have no nasty chemicals. And they are anything but drying!

Our Bio-Soap is our truly natural and organic soap, and uses natural ingredients, real fruit juices and mud! My favorite product from this range is Apple! It smells like you could bite into it; but don't as it is for washing with, not eating!

We also have a Natural Soap range which is made with natural fragrances, herbal extracts, seeds, seaweeds and natural/food grade colours. These are really good value, as they come in a large block. These soaps, and the Bio Soaps are both made in Poland, where they still use traditional herbs and manufacturing techniques.

Did you know that a lot of soaps that claim to be olive oil soaps actually don't contain much olive oil? Our Olivos soaps are made from 100% high quality olive oil, and are made with love in a Turkish factory which has been hand-making soaps for 300 years! Our Olivos soaps come in many different scents, including one For Men, one For Women, and lots of floral scents. They have lovely magical sounding names such as Rumi and Mystic Nile, and come in beautiful packages that make them great for gifting.

I have tried two Olivos soaps, Ottoman Bath Soap Lotus, and Olive Oil Soap With Rose.

The Olivos Ottoman Bath Soap is a beauty soap which comes in beautiful packaging, which makes it a perfect gift. The lotus scent is gorgeous, fresh yet exotic. I used it on my face and body, and it left my skin feeling soft, and smelling lovely.

The Olive Oil Soap with Rose is also amazing! I really love the scent of rose, and this soap has a really pretty natural rose smell. I really liked the packaging, and it was almost too pretty to rip off. I liked the delicate pink stripes, and the shiny image of a beautiful rose that adorns the wrapping.

When you do finally open it, you find a pretty image of a rose on the soap. I have used the soap quite a few times now, and the image is still there, so you will be able to enjoy it decorating your bathroom for some time.

I enjoy using this soap, it smells of beautiful roses, and it leaves the skin soft. I have mostly used it on my face, and I have found that it is not drying at all, in fact it is very mostiurising, because of the natural olive oil that was used to create it.

We also have a wonderful Amber Soap, which is organic, super mositurising and made from Polish Amber, which is the best in the world. Amber can provide your body with the negative irons that can neutralise the positive ones that electronic devices such as phones and computers emit. Positive ions are molecules that are largely responsible for the headache and fatigue that you can get while working at the computer, or using your phone all day! The Slavic and Baltic peoples saw Amber as trapped sunshine. What a lovely idea! Our ReviSun Amber soap is sure to add some sunshine to your day.

For all the men out there, we have an amazing For Him Plant Scrub Soap, which is made from organic palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil (extra virgin) jojoba oil, avocado, sweet almond and shea butter. It is nourishing and protecting, and is chip-based to gently remove dead skin, and dirt, paints, grease and oils.

If you want some extra luxury, why not try our gorgeous Argan & Goats soap? It comes in a lovely gold packaging, and has a gold glittery stamp on the actual soap. The Argan Oil and goats' milk that is used to make the soap makes it soothing, cleansing, brightening and moisturising on all skin types. Argan Oil and goats' milk are two beauty miracle ingredients that work wonders for skin, and now you can have them together in one beautiful beauty soap!

Our Baby Body soap has a comforting and relaxing smell, and is perfect for washing babies before sleep. It also contains our softening, natural olive oil.

So, what do you think? Will you be ditching your soap-free lotions and trying some lovely natural soap from Fragrant Earth?

Come and see us in store or look at the soaps on our website and decide for yourself.