Thursday, 14 July 2016

Meet the Team: Hollie

The next person from our Fragrant Earth Team is Me, Hollie the new TSMA and Marketing Assistant.
I've worked at Fragrant Earth for just over a year now but only recently started this new role. I'm the person behind everything you see on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other pages.


Outside of work I spend my time watching my brother play rugby, socialising and dancing with my friends and playing Rounders for a local team.

One of my favourite products we sell is the Mango Bath Salts which come from the oldest mine in Wieliczka, Poland. I love the smell of the juicy fruity mango scent in a hot bath especially after a cold Sunday morning watching my brother play rugby. I also find the Bees and Honey Lip Balm is fabulous for the harsh cold wind, perfect for any football or rugby mums out there.


Another of my favourite products is the Shea Butter Range they all smell amazing and moisturise well but my definite favourite is the Foot Cream. It really soothes, moisturises and softens your feet especially the heels where they suffer most and even more so after a night of dancing with the girls with your highest heels on. It feels amazing to get out the bath and massage a small amount onto my heels and let the Shea Butter and Olive Oil do their thing.

The favourite part of my job is working with everyone at Fragrant Earth and our customers and suppliers. I also love working with all the lovely fragrances. But most of all I love communicating with you our Fragrant Earth Fans.