Thursday, 7 July 2016

Meet the Team: James

It is time to look behind the scenes at Fragrant Earth, and meet our lovely team! Next, we have James, our National Sales Manager. 

He is the author of The Vegetable Book , an easy- to- read,  fact packed tome of wisdom on virtually every vegetable, and its health giving properties. 

He does a lot of writing on different subjects, not only vegetables, and he is currently working on four different apps.
James says that he is lucky enough to enjoy trying lots of new fragrances. He says that his favourite is Galbanum Essential Oil, which has a lovely,  earthy smell.  He uses it to sleep and relax, and to soothe his aching bones. 

He also loves Frankincense Essential Oil, and his Top Tip is to use it to soothe insect  bites, and small cuts and scratches common at this time of year, as we go out enjoying the sunshine.

Another product James is a fan of is the For Him Handcream. He often gifts it to his family, especially his son and brother in law who both love it. 

His favourite part of his job is working with interesting clients and customers, designing new and innovative fragrances, and working with his colleagues, especially Abby, who he enjoys showing the ropes to.

Outside of work, he enjoys catching up with friends and family, donating blood, watching Wells Rugby Team at home, and riding his bike. 

He  often uses Aroma Sport products to make his  cycling experience better!

His favourite Ladies of the Lake Fragrance is Autumn Equinox, as he likes its fruity fragrance. 

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