Monday, 15 February 2016

Product Review: Olivos Ottoman Bath Lotus, Balance Essential Moisturiser, Ošciem Fine Fragrance of Flowers, and Glastonbury O Cologne.

Hi Fragrant Earth Fans! This weekend, I tried three amazing Fragrant Earth products; Olivos Ottoman Bath Soap Lotus, Balance: Essential Moisturiser, and Ošciem Fine Fragrance of Flowers. My husband also tried Glastonbury ‘O’ Cologne.
The Olivos Ottoman Bath Soap is a beauty soap which comes in beautiful packaging, which makes it a perfect gift. The lotus scent is gorgeous. The idea of a beauty soap hasn’t been in fashion for a while, but Fragrant Earth are bringing it back with these soaps made of 100% high quality olive oil, which moisturises the skin. I used it on my face and body, and it left my skin feeling soft, and smelling lovely. 
The Balance: Essential Moisturiser smells amazing! So zesty and lemony! This product is 89% Organic, and controls sebum, restores the skin’s natural barrier, and balances the skin. I found that it left my skin soft and smooth, but not greasy or oily, and the uplifting lemon scent lasted for ages.
Finally, I tried Ošciem Fine Fragrance of Flowers. This perfume smells so beautifully floral, like a spring breeze, and went well with the soap that I had used, thanks to the middle note of White Lotus. 
My husband really liked the Glastonbury ‘O’ Cologne. He enjoyed the zesty notes of Lemon, Orange, and Bergamot with Rosemary and the exquisite scent of Neroli, and found it very refreshing. 
What are your favourite Fragrant Earth products? Why not tell us about them in the comments?

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