Thursday, 8 September 2016

Wildcrafting Benefits

Those who have known Fragrant Earth since the beginning have always understood that we have that distinct difference in aroma.
We have always said you can buy by chemistry but it should be qualified by nose. Robert Tisserand put his finger on matters by pointing out aromatherapy is related to fragrance by being both a science and an art.

Part of the reason for our difference to other essential oil sellers is our closeness to our growers and producers. Indeed we helped put a number of small growers into the business. Short lines of supply mean that we value traceability but more than that. It is the land that gives the plant and the sun in combination produces the finest scent. It is a poetic thought but Fragrant Earth is not into the mass market..

Our first choice of source was always wild crafted. Wildcrafting is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural, or "wild" habitat, for food or medicinal purposes.  When wildcrafting is done sustainably and with proper respect, generally only the fruit, flowers or branches from plants are taken and the living plant is left, or seeds of the plant are scattered in the plants preferred environment. 

 Any wildcrafting must be carried out within the law and with due regard to regulations concerning endangered species. 
But does it make any difference whether an essential oil comes from wildcrafting or intensive agriculture the source of most so called essential oils. We say so called because most are so standardised, often with synthetic or natural chemicals, as to not be truly natural at all!. This problem is compounded by the desire for reproducibility and certification based on chemical analysis and content.

Fragrant Earth’s second choice is organically grown plants which are then distilled into essential oils. Of course organic growing with its attention to soil structure, plant health and taste must be superior to crops grown stuffed with artificial chemicals and sprayed with umpteen chemicals for various purpose some of which will pass into the essential oils.
However we still favour where possible wild crafting for that indefinable energy. Look at this way any gardener knows that tilling the land always produces weeds first i.e. wild plants. We can call this weed vitality. Vitality is expressed by speed of growth and with aromatic plants the smell the aroma which has power as it is an expression of the plant itself. Sometimes chemists are so lost in the mists of their technology that they fail to recognise that a plant is alive and they cannot by analysis explain life or life force what the French calls Elan Vital.
So if you want something special to treat any malady of mind, body or soul or if you want that extra note of desirability in a fine fragrance then make sure you go to Fragrant Earth for wild crafted of Organic essential oils.

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