Thursday, 16 June 2016

Meet the Fragrant Earth Team: Abby

It is time to look behind the scenes at Fragrant Earth, and meet our lovely team! First up, Abby!

Abby is our Business Administrator Apprentice.

Her favourite product is the Argan and Goats Body Elixir which she says is great for dry skin, and smells really good. In fact, she is a fan of the whole Argan & Goats range

Her favourite Fragrant Earth fragrances are Morgan le Fay, from our Ladies of the Lake Range, and Spring Equinox. She loves wearing Morgan le Fay, because it is feminine and yet not too overpowering. 

She says that the Spring Equinox fragrance is a mild yet fresh smell. 

Abby’s favourite essential oil is peppermint, and her top tip is to put it into the corners of a room to keep spiders away. 

She also recommends our Lavender High Altitude for aiding a good night’s sleep.

Another product that she would recommend, is our Make It& Co FU Acneic Gel, which banishes spots without drying the skin. 

Her favourite things about Fragrant Earth are the products that we sell, our essential oils expertise and our natural, ethical philosophy.  She also likes the people, and she enjoys working with James who she describes as 'fun'. She says that one of the best things about her job is talking to nice, interesting customers. 

Out of work, Abby loves to go shopping, and she has a passion for makeup and cosmetics. She tells me that she has “so many products!”

She likes cooking, and her favourite things to make are Spaghetti Bolognese, curry, which she is not so good at, but she can make it from a jar, and her signature dish, sausages and mash, which she has been told that she is good at. 

She is looking forward to summer, her favourite time of year, when she enjoys going to the beach and having barbeques. 

She also likes Christmas, but she wasn’t a fan until a few years ago.

She has two guinea pigs, called Tilly and Poppy, who she says are adorable! 

 Thanks for reading, and look out for more 'meet the team' posts soon!

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